Gallery of preset styles and conversions

Push-button conversions of a portrait of Henri Matisse in Photoshop. 

Original portrait of Henri Matisse by Carl van Vechten, 1933

As a cut out

As a craquelure

As a sponge watercolor

The larger painting programs usually feature a number of push-button filters for transforming an image. By applying a filter, a painting or photo can be made to look like a water color, an oil painting, a charcoal painting or a mosaic, to mention just a few options. Texture and brushstrokes can be applied, and the image can be distorted in several ways. The use of a filter can be recognized by its regularity. Consider the 47 different filters of Photoshop, applied to the same small image of a boat in the water:

Filters for texture

Artistic filters

Filters for brush strokes

Distortion filters

Sketch filters
Color filter

Push-button paint-over of a photo, with choice of style, in Psykopaint:

Before: a photograph

After: a 'painting'

Choice of styles for the 'painting' (Psykopaint).

In computer generated art, the user can play with parameters for forms and colors. The software calculates and constructs the resulting image: 

Rules entered by the artist
Picture generated by the software using the rules above

More complex rules and images (fractals) in Google

Cave diving, computer generated image in ChaosPro

Fantasia, computer generated image in ChaosPro

Prisma, computer generated image in ChaosPro

Silver star, computer generated image in ChaosPro

Computer generated image in Mandelbulber

Computer generated image in Mandelbulber

For a detailed overview of painting styles by software and painting apps, visit:
A blog appart by Ben Guerette.

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